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A sleeping bag you can ride +work in.

Imagine being as warm outside as you are inside. 

Haven’t you always wished you could wrap a blanket around yourself while you ride and work out in the cold?

Hello, Arctic Insulated Full Riding Skirt!

“I can’t believe how warm and comfortable this skirt is! I love this skirt, and the quality simply can’t be beat! “ ~Amy

Introducing essential winter riding gear: the gorgeous, incredibly warm, breathable, waterproof, easy to put on/off, Arctic Insulated Full Riding Skirt!

These winter riding skirts will change your life keeping you warm and dry on and off your horse. Wear over your riding breeches or jeans.

Choose either a 35" or 38" length. You want your skirt to hit no longer than the top of your ankle bone. Most women under 5'7 wear a 35" long skirt, and 5'8 and above usually order a 38" long skirt. (Click here to see how to measure yourself).

If your size/color is not in-stock, you can still custom order your Full Arctic Insulated Riding Skirt by going to main Full Arctic Skirt page (Click here). Current production times are 3-4 weeks.

{Read reviews at the bottom of the page}

Why Riding Skirts Work Better

Have you ever noticed that mittens are warmer than gloves? Well, skirts are mittens for your legs. 

The Arctic Insulated Full Riding Skirt forms a warm insulated pocket around your legs and captures the combined total heat from your lower body AND your horse.

Ta-dah: INSTANT oven (and bonus: that hay you fed your horse to keep him warm is keeping you warm now, too)!

That's like the opposite of double-taxation... double benefit-ation. We're going to pretend that's a word.

Pants alone don't stand a chance in cold weather: with pants, your little legs are the sole source of heat with a small tube of insulation around to try and catch it. (That just doesn’t sound as cozy, does it?)

Riding Skirts are bound by the laws of nature to be way warmer than pants alone because you're combining multiple heat sources (you + the horse) and trapping it under one air big pocket.

{Air pockets trap heat: it's why thermos' keep things hot, mittens are warmer than gloves, and sea otter's fur keeps them toasty in Arctic waters}.

The reasons skirts work better than small heaters in separate pockets (read: pants) is due in thanks to the laws of thermodynamics, the properties of heat convection, and something called the “inevitable heat death of the universe theory.”

We could keep geeking out here, but really, the design of riding skirts are bound to be warmer than any pant alone could be... it's just physics.

You do still need pants though… we get that question a lot. You’ll have horribly chapped thighs if you don’t.

Layering an Arctic Horse Riding Skirt over pants gives you all of the close contact your riding pants afford you, with the warmth and coverage of a blanket on top.

“Love the skirt. My horse loves it, too. Keeps us both warm. We rode in a snowstorm the other day and loved it.” ~Yolanda

Anatomy of the Full Arctic Insulated Riding Skirt

With science on our side with the design, we next created & tested a technical beast of winter gear- the Arctic Insulated Full Riding Skirt:

  • 100% waterproof & breathable. None of this "water-resistant" mumbo-jumbo. Have you every heard of anyone who want to be dry for only a few hours of a storm? No. Thank you. Waterproof means you won't get soaked no matter what.
  • Incredibly light & super warm with 6 ounces of the best synthetic insulation available (used by the US Military).
  • Alaska-proof” The Arctic Insulated Riding Skirt has run the Iditarod, that’s 1000 miles by dog sled in temps as cold as -50 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Works like a quarter sheet on the horses' back. You're warm, he's warm, you can ditch the separate blanket.
  • Deep cozy fleece pockets. Our pockets are legendary for their coziness.
  • Mounting snaps hold the riding skirt up and open for hands-free mounting. No need to hold your riding skirt up to use it- these are built to work and ride in.
  • 2-way front zipper. You can adjust how open or closed the front opening is depending on weather and your preference.
  • Take on/off while mounted. No more getting off to change once you've warmed up.
  • Machine Wash & Dry. Get it disgusting and throw it in the washer and dryer, easy-peasy. You have enough things that are hard to clean (horse, saddle blankets, leather, children...)
  • Breakaway leg straps for fast or windy conditions.
  • {Optional $20 add-on} Silver Reflective Piping around the hem. Scroll through pictures for example. Be seen in darker conditions!
  • Color Chart is in the skirt pictures (scroll to the end).

“So warm! It sheds hay, debris and water and looked as good after chores as it did out of the box. Thank you Jenn for such a beautiful, practical riding skirt…I’d give it at least ten stars!” ~ Karen

The Arctic Horse Difference

They don't make'em like they used to. But, we do.

  • American made in Alaska
  • Women owned and operated
  • Heritage of quality: our seamstresses have skills handed down to them through hundreds of years of cultural sewing.
  • THEY WORK. Tested in some of most extreme conditions on earth.

We’re American made (and tested!) right here in Alaska. We employ Alaskans and source American-made materials whenever we can.

We’re woman owned and operated! Real women's gear developed for women by women. That statement really doesn't need further explanation as to why that's a very good thing.

I'm sure you've head the term, "they don't make 'em like they used to." Well, we do.

Our seamstress team of Russian Orthodox women have been sewing their own dresses for hundreds of years. Theirs is a heritage of excellent sewing quality not often seen in clothes manufacturing today.

That excellence is reflected in the hundreds of 5 star reviews of our skirts. They're tough, they work, and they're going to do their job so you can do yours.

Amazing + much needed gear, locally made, excellent craftswomanship, and we give back to the community.

How many win-win-wins is that?

We can talk the talk because we’ve walked the walk.

I’m Jen Dushane, the Founder of Arctic Horse. I’m a life-long equestrian and wildlife biologist in Alaska. Translation: that’s a whole lotta bad weather living.

After freezing, getting soaked, and being generally miserable using standard women’s gear women, I developed Arctic Horse All Weather Riding Skirts.

As I was already wrapping blankets tied with baling twine around myself (read: unsafe and ridiculous), I looked down one day and realized, what I really needed was a skirt…

Not because I liked skirts (actually, I never EVER wore skirts), but because they kept me warmer and drier than anything else I’d ever tried.

The Riding Skirts let me work outside and ride my horses in pure comfort.

(Hey, I’d have worn a purple star suit with wings if it gave me more time with my animals… luckily, it didn’t come to that. These are much more attractive than a purple star suit with wings).

"I absolutely LOVE my Narrow Arctic Insulated Riding Skirt. I was first impressed by the prompt, friendly, informative customer service. When the skirt arrived, I was delighted with it's well-made construction and quality materials...Finally, to be able to ride year-round in cozy comfort!" -Tracy


Measure, Measure, Measure. Do not go by your standard pant size, pretty please. We have included standard pant size in the chart below to guide you, but please measure yourselves to be sure. We do build these custom for you :)

Remember- these are meant to go OVER your outdoor clothes, so measure yourself over the clothes you want to wear. 

"Waist" is wherever you want the waist of the skirt to sit, only use your actual waist measurement if that's where you want the skirt to sit. Some ladies want the waistband to sit on their hips- if that's the case, you need to measure around your hips and use that as your "waist measurement."

Hips: Our Full Skirts are, well, full, so don't worry about whether or not your hips will fit. Promise, they will!

Skirt Length: we recommend they hit at about the top of your ankle bone. When you order, you'll select your length in the drop-down menu, and we give you a guide to go by your height, but it's WAY BETTER to measure from your where you want the waistband to sit down to the top of your ankle bone. You'll get that length PERFECT, if you do it that way!

If you don't see your size here, we can still make your skirt! Just put your measurements into the textbox at checkout!


Waist (in)









Closest Pant Size










~These skirts are worn over your jeans/breeches. There is a built-in 2" stretch in the waistband (see the waist sizes below), however, you still want to measure over your riding/work clothes to get the best estimate of what size you'll need.

~Will you tuck your coat into the waistband or leave it out? Depending on how thick your coat is, your preference could change the size of skirt you need.

“Outstanding quality, custom tailored and highly exceeded my expectations. The company, it’s President and employees are committed from moment of contact with their customers to deliver to the highest standards.

Thank you Arctic Horse for the outstanding experience and for my absolutely well crafted skirts both long and short. I love them and can’t wait to see what’s next.” ~Cynthia

If you want a more slender outline, check out the Narrow Arctic Insulated Riding Skirt, designed to only cover the rider (no quarter sheet aspect). Or, get both :)

International customers responsible for all custom and duty taxes.