Arctic Horse Multi-Rein

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The Arctic Horse Multi-Rein is a never-set-out-on-the-trail-without-it, four in one, multi-tool. 

1) It's a rein extender! No more bending way over to let your horse eat or drink on the trail. Simply let your reins go and hold onto the Multi-Rein to save your aching back. 

I often ride with saddle bags, and when I need both hands to get into my packs, I just tuck the Multi-Rein underneath my leg to have both hands free for unzipping the saddle packs behind me. No more worrying about dropping reins and horse's getting tangled in them.

2) It replaces a crop on the trail. I really don't like carrying extra stuff with me on the trail, like a crop, especially something I might only need 5% of the time. You can swish the Multi-Rein on either side of the neck to give horse a little bop to "get going."

3) It's extra rope for emergency tack repair on the trail. Made out of yards of USA-made military-grade Paracord. You can unbraid the Multi-Rein to fix a broken headstall, create reins, use as a lead-rope or any of the other million things you might need cord for. 

4) It's reflective so you can be seen in low-light conditions. The reflective strands woven into the cord flash brightly in darker conditions so in case you're caught out after dark, you still have something to help you be seen!

Watch the video to learn how to use your Multi-Rein:

The Multi-Rein saves your back grazing and at water crossings: