Arctic Horse Gift Card

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Someone really loves you. They get your crazy horse love and know you need good gear to stay warm and safe both on and off your horse. They bought you an Arctic Horse Gift Card! Happy warm and dry riding!

Although we have listed below suggested gift cards for specific riding skirts (including associated U.S. shipping costs, $20) with their accompanying values, when you purchase gift cards, you're purchasing a specific amount of money, which can be put toward any of our riding skirts.

As an example, if you buy the $219 Tongass Rain + U.S. Shipping gift card, and the receiver decides they want an Arctic Insulated instead (which costs $299), the $219 gift can go towards the overall purchase of the Arctic Insulated skirt, it doesn't have to be used for the Tongass Rain Riding Skirt. 

Once you purchase a gift card, the gift certificate with code will be emailed to you.