Frequently asked questions about Arctic Horse Riding Skirts

Do you need an All Weather Riding Skirt? Yes, yes you do. Watch the video for an overview of what they are, the amazing reviews, and how they work.

Which riding skirt should I choose?

Hands-down this is our most frequently asked question. Here'a guide to help you decide: Guide to Choosing Your Riding Skirt

Which size should I order?

We have a whole page of information to help you choose the right size (see Sizing Chart). The main message is: measure yourself, please. If you're not on the size chart, or want something customized further, just shoot us an email: hello@arctichorsegear.com. 

If you need a different length or size than is on our size chart, choose one of our standard sizes/lengths and then put your measurements into the text box at checkout.

I don't ride horses, but I love your skirts. Should I still order one?

Yes! You don't have to ride horses to benefit from an Arctic Horse All Weather Skirt (you just have to want to stay warm/dry/protected from the elements)! We have dog mushers, farmers, bikers, hikers, sport moms, skiers, ATV riders, biologists, and others ordering our skirts. If you want to be warm and dry and protected, these skirts are for you!

All of the long skirts come with legs straps and mounting snaps, if you're not going to ride horses in them, just say you don't want these features in the text box at checkout.

How are the skirts adapted to be ridden in? How do I use the features on my skirt?

Your skirts were built to be ridden and worked in. Here is an overview of the main features of your riding skirt:

  • Zips/Unzips at the TOP of the Skirt: This skirt is easy-peasy to put on and take off (you can even do it while mounted). We put the zipper in upside down so you can wrap the skirt around you and zipper it together at the TOP of the skirt. It can take your fingers a minute to get used to an upside down zipper, but promise, you'll love not having to bend to the floor to zipper your skirt! See the video here: 
  • Mounting snaps: You don't need to fuss with holding your skirt up and open for mounting, the mounting snaps do it for you! See this video on how to use them:  
  • Break-away leg straps:  Your skirt stays in place quite well. But, if you're riding fast, or in windy conditions, slip your leg into the break-away leg straps to keep the skirt in place. See the video here: 
  •  How long will it take to get my skirt?

Our order fulfillment time is 4-6 weeks. Every skirt is handmade by a small team of women in Alaska (and some of our Tongass Rain Skirts are now being made by women in Seattle).

We are growing all the time, and can sometimes get the skirt's sent out sooner, but we just can't guarantee it! We hope to cut our fulfillment time drastically in the near future, in the meantime, we sure appreciate your patience!

What about shipping, costs, and transit time?

We can ship almost anywhere in the world.

USA Shipping: For the USA, we ship flat rate priority mail, $20 per large box. Shipping is 3-5 business days. We can fit one bulky skirt in a large box (Outlander wool, Arctic Insulated skirts), or a couple of the thinner skirts (Tongass rain, short skirts, Backcountry Trail skirts).

If you need more than a couple of skirts shipped, contact us to get the best quote on shipping (hello@arctichorsegear.com)

International Shipping: We ship to 238 countries, so you're probably in luck! We use DHL carrier-calculated shipping (based on weight) which is calculated at checkout. Shipping transit time is between 1-5 days. Shipping is generally between $30-60 to most countries.

What about returns and exchanges?

You can return your new, unused skirt, for a refund within 30 days of receiving the skirt.

We do not refund international custom/duty taxes, but if you're exchanging the skirt for another, we may be able to send you a replacement without additional customs/taxes. Depends on the specific country custom laws.

I ordered the wrong size, can I return/exchange my skirt?

Please, please, please, measure yourself. We don't have a store with skirts in every size/length/color pre-made like larger box stores.

Every skirt is made to order, so returns for wrong sizing add a lot of cost to our small company, and are generally preventable when customers measure themselves. However, we do understand it can happen, so, if it's new and within the 30 days, yes, you can exchange it.

Can you make something I've dreamed up?

We'd sure like to try. If you have an idea for a custom piece, shoot us an email. We love to dream, design, and invent at Arctic Horse.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. If you ever have any issues/questions/comments about your riding skirt, please contact us at hello@arctichorsegear.com