About us

Arctic Horse Story All Weather Riding Skirts

We believe in local production, amazing gear quality, and solving problems that need solving.

Arctic Horse is a woman-owned and run Alaska business with the mission of providing the necessary gear to keep you warm, dry, and out on or with your horse, no matter the weather! 

Founder, Jen Dushane, is a wildlife biologist and avid horsewoman (okay, addict). 

Jen Dushane Arctic Horse All Weather Riding Skirts Insulated Riding Skirt

Arctic Horse All Weather Riding Skirts (TM) were born out of many a cold, wet, and windy ride up here in Alaska.

After trying out the available winter riding gear (bulky, slippery, not warm enough), and a few jerry-rigged and definitely unsafe outfits (think blanket+baling twine), All Weather Riding Skirts were born: a beautiful, functional, solution.

Made for more than riding, these skirts do their job (and look gorgeous) so you can do yours: riding, farm chores, running errands, going to dinner, gardening, hiking, and more! 

Arctic Horse's unique line offers waterproof, breathable, highly insulated skirts, rain skirts, trail skirts, and wool skirts. There is a skirt for every environment, and every style.

Put your money where your heart is:

  • Our skirts are exceptionally high quality and are designed to last for years.
  • We source American made materials whenever possible,
  • We support our local economy by employing seamstresses making a living wage to hand make these skirts in Alaska.
  • A portion of our proceeds go a non-profit of the buyer's choice. 
  • Arctic Horse is founded on heart-centered principles.

Contact us at hello@arctichorsegear.com, or on the Facebook Arctic Horse page